Company Overview

PC Components (PCC) is one of the industry’s leading Stocking Distributors of Electronic and Electro-Mechanical Board-Level Components. The company obtains factory-new inventory and sells it on the open market to OEM, CMs (EMS providers), and other distributors. Sources that supply PCC with inventory include OEMs, CMs, and OCMs (Original Component Manufacturers).

PCC has a Quality Management System based upon both ISO 9000 (9001:2008) and IDEA-QMS-9090 and has the industry trade memberships and certifications that you would expect from a leading Independent Distributor. Click here to read about the company’s history.

If you have excess inventory to sell:

Why PCC tells why you’ll get a greater return when you selected PCC as the company who sells your excess inventory as compared to working with other companies.

The three programs PCC has developed to remarket excess inventory are described in the pages Outright PurchaseRevenue Sharing, and Other Programs.

If you are in the process of selecting a company to sell your inventory be sure to read the section “Questions Every Company Should Ask BEFORE they Consign Inventory to ANY Company“. This section contains a list of questions that many distributors will not want you to ask.

Here’s What the Industry is Saying about PCC provides unaltered feedback about PCC from other companies in the industry that you know.

Consignment Works—A True Story illustrates why you do not want to offer your inventory to multiple distributors as doing so upsets the balance of supply and demand.